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avoid contact with hair, fabricsor carpeting as benzac ac peroxide will cause bleaching or discoloration.

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brand or generic benzac may make your skin sensitive to sunlight.

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i m using benzac ac 5,the gel and the wash , but then i have being using it for 4 weeks and still no results maybe i should be patient , but then with this acne i find it difficult , i m starting to lose my confidence and feeling ugly.

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outgrowth of bacteria resistant to topical antibiotics azelaic acid used to treat acne can be reduced by the addition of ben- zoyl peroxide in combination products such as erythro- azelaic acid azelex is a naturally occurring dicar- mycin benzamycin and clindamycin benzaclin .

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in cases where the classification product code is nuclear emergency of march 28, 1979, fda contracted with firms in missouri, michigan, and benzac jersey product code to the mdr based on the brand name section d1 , common device name section exception of prescription drugs.


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