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If you miss a dose of actonel, take as soon as you remember and then continue with your regular schedule.

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caution is also advised when midazolam is administered concomitantly with drugs that are known to inhibit the p450 34a enzyme system buy actonel 35mg free shipping medicine 223, such as cimetidine tagamet buy actonel 35mg with visa treatment trends, erythromycin, diltiazem cardizem , verapamil calan isoptin verelan , ketoconazole, and itraconazole sporanox .

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instruct patients to take calcium supplements or calcium-, aluminum-, and magnesium-containing medications at a different time of the day than actonel sodium tablets as these medications may interfere with the absorption of actonel sodium tablets.

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actonel sodium tablets help increase bone mass and help reduce the chance of having a spinal or non-spinal fracture break .


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