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As with other cholinomimeticsgalantamine should be given with caution in the following conditions:

If you take too much Reminylcontact a doctor or hospital straight awayTake any remaining tablets and the packaging with youThe signs of overdose may includesevere nausea and vomiting,

The efficacy of Reminyl XL prolonged-release capsules was studied in a randomiseddouble-blindplacebo-controlled trialGAL-INT-10using a 4-week dose escalationflexible dosing regimen of 16 or 24 mg/day for a treatment duration of 6 monthsReminyl immediate-release tabletsGal-IRwere added as a positive control armEfficacy was evaluated using the ADAS-Cog/11 and the CIBIC-plus scores as co-primary efficacy criteriaand ADCS-ADL and NPI scores as secondary end-pointsReminyl XL prolonged-release capsulesGal-PRdemonstrated statistically significant improvements in the ADAS-Cog/11 score compared to placebobut were not statistically different in the CIBIC-plus score compared to placeboThe results of the ADCS-ADL score were statistically significantly better compared to placebo at week 26.

Galantamine plasma concentrations may be increased in patients with moderate to severe renal impairmentsee section 5.2)

Concomitant administration with food slows the absorption rate of galantamine but does not affect the extent of absorptionIt is recommended that Reminyl XL be taken with food in order to minimise cholinergic side effects.

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