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Films of the present invention may further include psychiatric medications, including alprazolam available as niravam , xanax , clozopin available as clozaril , haloperidol available as haldol , fluoxetine hydrochloride available as prozac , sertraline hydrochloride available as zoloft , and paroxtine hydrochloride available as paxil , aripiprazole commercially aavialbe as abilify , amphetamines and methamphetamines commercially available as adderall and desoxyn , clomipramine hydrochloride commercially available as anafranil , buspirone hydrochloride commercially available as buspar , citalopram hydrobromide commercially available as celexa , duloxetine hydrochloride commercially available as cymbalta , methylphenidate commercially available as ritalin, daytrana , divalproex sodium valproic acid commercially available as depakote , dextroamphetamine sulfate commercially available as dexedrine , venlafaxine hydrochloride commercially available as effexor , selegiline commercially available as emsam , carbamazepine commercially available as equetro , lithium carbonate commercially available as eskalith , fluvoxamine maleate dexmethylphenidate hydrochloride commercially available as focalin , ziprasidone hydrochloride.

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