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Benfotiamine is a powerful late-phase inhibitor of advanced glycation endproduct age formation so called age-breaker , acting through several mechanisms to reduce the irreversible nonenzymatic modification of the structure and function of bodily proteins by sugars, resulting in documented maintenance of the structure and function of retinal, nervous, glomerulal, and other tissues.

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Benfotiamine with thiamine is a low-cost dietary supplement that can help maintain blood sugar levels in those already within normal range, and support normal nerves, kidneys, eyes, blood vessels, and heart.

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The number of heavy drinking days decreased from 15 days month to 5, among benfotiamine treated subjects, compared to a decrease from 12 7 days month, among placebo.

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benfotiamine rinn, or s -benzoylthiamine o-monophosphate is a synthetic s-acyl derivative of thiamine vitamin b1 .

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