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Colchicin: Cass myopathy, including habdomyolysis, hav bn potd with atovastatin co-administd with colchicin, and caution should b xcisd whn pscibing ATOLIP CV with colchicin.

Black Box Waning: Diminishd ctivnss Clopidogl in PoMtabolizs.

In patints with typ 2 diabts, and without clinically vidnt CHD, but with multipl isk actos CHD such as tinopathy, albuminuia, smoking, hyptnsion, atovastatin is indicatd to.

Iampin oth Inducs Cytochom P450 3A4: Concomitant administation atovastatin with inducs cytochom P450 3A4 (g. avinz, iampin, St.John’s Wot) can lad tvaiabl ductions in plasma concntations atovastatin. Du tth dual intaction mchanism iampin (cytochom P450 3A induction and inhibition hpatocyt uptak tanspot OATP1B1), simultanous co-administation ATOLIP CV with iampin is commndd, as dlayd administation atovastatin at administation iampin has bn associatd with a signiicant duction in atovastatin plasma concntations.

Clopidogl and th main ciculating (inactiv) mtabolit bind vsibly in vitthuman plasma potins (98% and 94% spctivly). Th binding is non-satuabl in vitov a wid concntation ang.

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